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How important is it for you to dewater fresh cow dung for making it available?

In order to solve the issues caused by an excessive amount of fresh cow dung, it is a viable option to compost the dung and turns it into organic fertilizer.

Cow dung is a product that is derived from the waste produced by cows. This waste has the potential to provide organic materials that are highly rich in a number of different nutrients which include potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. More importantly, cow manure contains ammonia in high levels which is capable of stopping the pathogens from spreading and growing. Thus, making cow dung manure into fertilizers is good for not only recycling waste, but also your crops.

Tongda cow dung screw press dewatering system

Tongda cow dung screw press dewatering system

Once composting fresh cow manure with a fertilizer machine, it is able to provide attractive benefits to both organic farms and gardens. The processing method to turn cow manure into an organic fertilizer involves a few important steps:

• Collect The Cow Dung And Dewater The Waste

Fresh cow manure contains high concentrations of water, so the first step will involve using a dewatering machine in order to achieve a water content that is below 85%. It is also important to remove the excess moisture to prevent bacteria and pathogens from spreading.

Cow dung dewatering machine

Cow dung dewatering machine

• Combine The Dry Cow Dung With Organic Waste

Cow manure is a heavy material that needs to be combined with other organic substances such as dead leaves, garden debris, vegetable waste, wood, sawdust, straw, and hay, etc,

• Composting And Fermentation

Once the organic mixture is combined well, the waste is placed into fermentation grooves to allow the waste to ferment.

Windrow composting machine working for dewatered cow dung processing

Windrow composting machine working for dewatered cow dung processing

About Cow Dung Dewatering

A dewatering machine is an important part of the process to turn cow dung into usable fertilizer. The dewatering machines usually include a Screw-Press machine which separates the fresh dung into a solid and a liquid. Once the separation process is complete, the content of water left in the cow dung is around 30%.

How Does A Cow Dung Dewatering Machine Work?

The Screw Press Cow Dung Dewatering machine is made up of an engine, reducer, screw device, pipeline, and hydraulic pump. This machine dewaters the raw materials using a screw press.

The hydraulic-pump featured in this machine serves the purpose of transporting the raw cow manure into the dewatering machine. From here the screw-shaft will press the liquids out of the dung. This process creates pressure whereby the liquids are forced out through a screen into an outlet. After these processes, the moisture content in the dung is around 30 to 40%.

Even though cow dung is regarded as one of the best organic fertilizers, the fresh dung has high levels of ammonia, a strong odor and often contains an excess amount of salt. The fresh dung also carries pathogens and bacterias. The process of dewatering the cow manure is important along with the correct fermentation and composting techniques. Once the cow dung has been composted it is easy to process the end product into granules or powder.

Once converted into fertilizer the cow manure supports the growth of important microorganisms once mixed into the soil. It also helps to improve soil texture along with assisting the soil with maintaining water.