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How to make 30 t/h dry granules?

In the realm of granulation technology, efficiency and precision are paramount. One such example that embodies these qualities is the 30 t/h roller press granulation production line. This production line is not just a carrier of raw materials but a transformer, converting powder into uniform granules at a remarkable rate.

The Features of This Production Line

The roller press granulation production line offers a multitude of advantages for various industries. Its primary feature is the double roller extrusion granulator, also referred to as the “press,” which ensures high efficiency and quality granulation. This technology drives the compact and dry granulation process, making it suitable for a wide range of materials and production needs.

Raw Materials of 30 T/H Dry Powder Granulation Line

The versatility of the roller press granulation production line is evident in its ability to handle numerous raw materials. Let’s consider a few examples:

  • Agricultural Waste: By utilizing the roller press granulator, agricultural waste such as crop straws, corn stalks, and bagasse can be effectively converted into high-quality organic fertilizer.
  • Chemical Powder: The production line can transform chemical powders, including ammonium chloride, ammonium phosphate, and urea, into uniform and durable granules, improving storage and transportation efficiency.
  • Industrial Waste: Industrial by-products like coal gangue, fly ash, and slag can be repurposed using this production line, reducing waste and creating valuable products.
Other Industrial Applications of 30TPH Roller Press Granulation Line

Other Industrial Applications of 30TPH Roller Press Granulation Line

The Powder Granulation Process: Step by Step

The process begins with the meticulous preparation of the powder. Whether it be a mineral, chemical, or any other substance, the powder must first be milled to the desired fineness. This is where the raymond mill system comes into play, ensuring a consistent and high-quality powder output.

Raymond Mill System

Raymond Mill System

Next, the powder is fed into the double shaft mixer, where various additives can be introduced to enhance the granule’s properties. The mixer ensures that these additives are evenly distributed throughout the powder.

The mixed powder then moves to the disc feeders, which regulate the flow of material into the double roller extrusion granulator. Here, the powder is compressed and formed into granules under high pressure. The use of multiple rollers not only increases production capacity but also enhances the quality of the granules.

30 TPH Double Roller Granule Making Line

30 TPH Double Roller Granule Making Line

Following granulation, the granules pass through a rotary screener, which separates any oversized or undersized particles, ensuring only the perfect granules move on to the next stage.

If required, the granules can then be coated with a thin layer of another material using the coating machine. This coating can provide additional benefits such as improved flowability, enhanced appearance, or protection against moisture.

Finally, the granules are packed and weighed using the double bucket granules packing scale, ensuring accurate and consistent packaging.

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The 30 t/h granulation production line has revolutionized the granulation process by providing efficient and high-quality results. Its advanced technology, highlighted by the double roller extrusion granulator, offers a wide range of applications for diverse industries. Whether it’s agricultural waste, chemical powders, or industrial by-products, this production line ensures the optimal transformation of raw materials into valuable and marketable granular products. With Yushunxin’s dedication to innovation and reliability, the roller press granulation production line is a game-changer in the industry. You can visit: