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Can You Use Goat Poop As Fertilizer

Yes, Goat manure is a rich source of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are essential for plant growth. Additionally, it contains organic matter that improves soil structure, water retention, and microbial activity. So use goat poop as fertilizer is an ideal goat manure management method.

How to make goat manure into fertilizer?


Before using goat poop as fertilizer, it’s advisable to compost it first. Composting goat poop helps break down the manure, reduces the risk of pathogens, and makes the nutrients more readily available to plants. Composted goat manure can be mixed into garden soil or used as a top dressing for crops and plants.

Make goat manure fertilizer pellets

Making goat manure fertilizer pellets is an effective way to package and apply this natural fertilizer. Pellets are convenient to handle, transport, and store. Here are some tips for making goat manure fertilizer pellets:

Adjusting Moisture Content:

Maintain the right moisture content for goat manure compost pelletization. If the mixture is too dry, the pellets may not hold their shape; if it’s too wet, they may not form properly. Aim for a moisture content of around 30-40%.

Grinding or Crushing:

If your composted goat manure has large particles, consider grinding or crushing goat poop before pelletizing. This ensures a more uniform pellet size. Which means you can make better goat manure fertilizer.

Goat manure fertilizer making line

Goat manure fertilizer making line

Adding Binders (Optional):

Depending on the composition of your goat manure and additional materials, you might need to add binders to improve pellet cohesion. Common binders include bentonite clay or starch.

Pellet Size:

Adjust the pellet size according to your application needs. Standard pellet sizes range from 2-10 mm.

Pelletizing Equipment:

Invest in a pelletizing machine or pellet mill for goat manure fertilizer making. These machines compress the composted manure and other materials into uniform pellets. Click here for more details.

If you have goats and are considering using their manure as fertilizer, proper goat manure management practices will help maximize its benefits while minimizing potential drawbacks. If you are interested in it, please visit for more details.